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Using boric acid to wipe fridge can easily remove frost.

The fridge takes a long time, and there is often a bad smell in the food stored in it, which is actually caused by bacteria in the refrigerator for a long time. Regular cleaning of the refrigerator can improve the safety of food.

Is there anything particular about fridge cleaning?

Wipe the surface of the refrigerator at least once a week.

If you have dirt or dust, wipe it with warm water.

The interior of the fridge can be cleaned with boric acid or disinfectant napkin, and the shelf should be washed out with water.

The inner wall of the refrigerator is wiped with glycerol to form a thin protective film, even if it is covered with milk or food residue, it can be wiped away easily.

The use of boric acid to wipe the refrigerator can easily defrost.

We must pay attention to cleaning, we must cut off the power supply before cleaning.